Our Corporate Social Responsibility is shaped by our long-term commitment to our business partners, stakeholders, customers and colleagues.

Operating Sustainably

Our Approach

Sustainability and Responsibility are our core fundamentals.

We run our business responsibly and in a sustainable manner, protecting and serving the long-term interests of business partners, clients, staff and stakeholders.

We create value through the actions and attributes of our people, based on honesty, transparency and fairness.

We set new standards for the delivery and operation of industrial and corporate facilities.

Our People

Our success relies on the well-being, accomplishments and development of our team, wherever they are in the world. Ensuring high levels of health and safety in the workplace is of paramount importance to us. We invest in and build a workplace culture that allows every person to work safely, contribute to the business, demonstrate leadership and grow.


Within the natural resources industry, we are conscious of the importance  of complying with environmental laws and industry best practices. This is why we operate within the guidelines of strong corporate governance to the highest standards.

For us to continue to be successful, we aim to keep operating in ways that remain at the forefront of environmental regulation.

Business Relationships

Stakeholder Engagement

We know how important it is to accurately communicate our ideals to our stakeholders – not just employees and management, but also contractors, & communities who all play a role in our success.


Through transparency, we earn trust.

Through sincerity, we earn respect.

Our strength lies in building long-standing relationships through trust and mutual support. We create value through the actions and attributes of our people, based on honesty, transparency and fairness.

Business conduct

At IMR, we are meticulous in the way we conduct our business, always operating within the laws and regulations of each host nation. We also take care to be respectful in accommodating and understanding cultural nuances.

We believe in creating value through the integrity and attributes of our people all over the world.