About us

We are the leading Global Resource Partner to the International Power and Steel Industry by continuously evolving, constantly innovating and consistently delivering.


Corporate Culture

We provide an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration. We believe in nurturing our skilled team of professionals and facilitating their growth so that, as a team and with the team, we work with our partners to all succeed as one.

Financing Solutions

Our successful track record has earnt us strong financial support from major international financial institutions. We are therefore able to structure and provide both dynamic short-term and long-term financing products, providing added value to Suppliers and Buyers alike.

Core Business Acumen

Our strength lies in building long-standing relationships based on trust and mutual support. Our ability to understand and work on the requirements of both ends of the supply chain, combined with a strong grasp of global markets, allows us to consistently deliver the right product, at the right time, supporting the needs and requirements of our business partners throughout the course of the transaction.

Compliance & Risk Management

Our trading activities have always been underpinned by a hands-on approach to risk – enabling IMR to operate responsible risk management and controls. Active monitoring and accountability procedures mean that our teams and the business as a whole operates within all aspects of international as well as local Risk and Compliance regulation.

Why work with IMR?


IMR is founded in Zug, Switzerland and offices are opened concurrently in London & Beijing.


Acquisition of a coking coal mine in Kalimantan, Indonesia.


IMR establishes a direct presence in India, through ICPPL, which manufactures and trades in coke, coal and subsidiary raw materials domestically.


Iron ore production comes online in Mexico, exporting 60,000MT per month.


PT IMR ARC STEEL is incorporated in Indonesia to set up a greenfield stainless steel manufacturing plant with annual capacity of 30,000MT.


Activated carbon is first produced from our gold mine in Northern Mexico.


IMR Bonanza produces its first Gold Dor bar.


IMR acquires Sedibeng Iron Ore Pty Limited.


IMR acquires majority stake in PPC Lime (KP Lime)

15 Years of Momentum

Our model has always been to encourage collaboration and promotion from within. As a result, we have grown as one promoting an idea-meritocratic structure.

Our Values

With over 30 years of experience in Steel, Energy and the Financial Sector, our management and colleagues are partners in the business.

Hence, IMR’s fiscal performance, risk management and strategic expansion are considered to be reflections of our individual performances, management and development.

This onus and accountability aligns the economic interests of the Group with our Clients and supportive Financial Institutions.

Our Experience

IMR strives to enjoy mutual success alongside our stakeholders, and so we aspire to build sustained growth and success, building on smaller efforts, day in, day out towards our greater objective – being the world’s leading natural resource partner.

By exhibiting integrity and instilling trust, we work hard in laying foundations for long-term trading partnerships, based on honesty and a mature approach to business.

As a miner, manufacturer and trader in natural resources, we take an ethical and transparent approach, across the value chain – helping communities and grass-root partners develop along the way.

Our Philosophy